Need a new book boyfriend? Well, with this giveaway, you have the chance to choose between several! Will it be Liam the charmer or quarterback Joel from TRACED? Go for mysterious, dark and moody? How about Adrian from RECRUITED? Or maybe you prefer his brother, Paxton, the laid back, dreadheaded surfer type. Still waiting for your hero to show up and rescue you? How about Ran the gorgeous paramedic from DEMANDING RANSOM. Take your pick, or hey, take them all, I won’t judge :)


1. Signed copy of TRACED (Part 1 in The Outlier Chronicles)

2. Signed copy of RECRUITED (Part 2 in The Outlier Chronicles)

3. Signed copy of DEMANDING RANSOM

4. Custom Quote Necklace from DEMANDING RANSOM: “I fell in love with you fast, I fell in love with you forever.”

5. Signed TRACED bookmark

6. TRACED & RECRUITED holographic photograph

To enter to win, just go here and follow the instructions: a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Note that some entries can be done daily). The winner will be announced on Wednesday, May 22nd. Good luck!