Jacob, like his father, is a morning person. I, on the other hand, am a sort of extreme night owl. Like past the point of night and transitioning into the early morning hours. So maybe, in a way, I could be considered a morning person–if you qualify 3:00 a.m. as early morning, which I suppose it technically is. But since it’s still black outside when I usually head to bed, I group myself into the late-night-lover category.

So every morning I stumble out of bed with sleep in my eyes and head into the kitchen to be greeted by a smiling, self-sufficient little seven-year-old who’s already gotten his breakfast and is perched on the couch in front of the t.v. for a few minutes of mindless entertainment before his busy school day begins. He’s usually watching some cartoon that’s created for kids but contains subtle, hysterical adult humor like Phineas and Ferb, but this morning he had a movie on. I typically don’t pay much attention, but Adam Sandler’s voice is a bit difficult to ignore, especially at seven o’clock hour.

As I made sandwiches, zip-loc’d cookies, and wrote little love notes on napkins, I watched along from behind the breakfast bar. I’d seen the movie before, but back then the plot wasn’t as captivating to me. However, this morning the storyline of Bedtime Stories struck me in a different way. Maybe because now I have an actual story, too–characters that feel real, a book that is real, and real ideas that inhabit my daily thoughts.

What if your stories really could become reality? That thought clung to me throughout the day as I envisioned entering the worlds of all of my favorite books. I immediately decided against wanting to live in a Hunger Games type society. However good I might be a handling a sling shot, I’m sure my face would be the first flashed across the night sky after day one. The sight of blood makes me woozy, so Twilight is out–I wouldn’t do well among the vampire crowd and my allergies probably wouldn’t make me a very good werewolf companion. I might be able to hold my own in City of Bones, but only because I’d be desperately willing to fight demons if it meant hanging around Jace with his quick wit and cool demeanor.

Then it got me thinking, would I want to be a part of the world I’ve created in Traced? I’m honestly not sure how entirely different their world is from our own. In many ways, it doesn’t seem or feel too much outside the realm of reality. It hangs on the brink, just believable enough that it’s almost frightening. Frightening to think that we might not be very far from living in a world that ushers you into one, specific division of life, work, and existence. But is it a world I’d want to exist in? I’m not sure, and I think that’s why it’s so intriguing to me–because it’s alluring enough that I want to see them live in it, but intimidating enough that I hope our own world never morphs into one just like it.

So, what are your favorite worlds? If you could exist in any of your favorite books or series–even if only for a day–which one would it be?